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Month: September 2017

Ultimate Baby Name Tag

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and now I come back with a post that isn’t even bookrelated.. I’m so sorry guys!!! I’ll try and start posting regurlarly again, but I saw this tag on Youtube and I really, really wanted to do it since I have such a love for names. Let me clarify that I’m not pregnant and I also do not plan on having kids, so this is purely because I love names so much. So I said f*** it, and now you can read my answers to all these name related questions. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments some of your favorite names/answers to these questions, I’d love to know!

Classics That I’ve Read and Loved

Classics seem to scare a lot of people and I can understand why. They can be hard to read, a lot are crazy philosophical, and more than a few are just plain boring. However, classics are classics for a reason, and it makes sense to give them a shot. There are some classics that I’ve read and absolutely couldn’t stand, no matter how many people tell me what great books they are, and there are some classics that I’ve read and they’ve become some of my favourite books, so here are some classics that I’ve read and absolutely adored.