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A Closer Look At My Bookshelves

Hey guys, hello! I’m back with another bookshelf post. So the other day I really wanted to reorganize my shelves, and so I did. If you’ve seen my Bookshelf Tour 2.0 you know I had my books in a very random and not really logical order, so I thought I’d do it different this time and organize them on color. It took a lot of time, but I’m super happy with the result (as you can see in the picture below), and I thought I’d take you on a little tour to show you what’s on each shelf now.

So on the photo above you can see my shelves. I currently occupy three bookcases, the surrounding shelves are my boyfriend’s books. I recently organized everything on color, (the only books I didn’t organize on color is my TMI/TID shelf and my Harry Potter shelf), even my funko’s, and I’m really happy with te result. Even though it could always look better. And I can always need more books. Ahum anyway, let’s get a closer look.

So these are the first two color organized shelves, from white to red/orange. As you an see on the photo below, they continue on to the shelves on the other case, but I’ve left enough room there to add new books when I buy them. I took some close up pictures so you can see which books are on these shelves.

On to the next shelves, from red to blue. I especially like the purple books, in my opinion, you don’t see enough purple spines on books, so I’m quite happy with my purple spines.

And the last shelf on color is all black. I own a lot of black books, why do they make so much books with black spines??? GET MORE COLOR IN THERE PUBLISHER PEOPLE. But okay, here’s my last shelf/two shelves. The grey goes from black to my little Twilight shelf. I still want to buy some Twilight funko’s to add to that little shrine, but I’ll have to make do with the little plushy for now.

And last but not least, my TMI/TID shelf and my Harry Potter shelf.

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  1. HannahCassie HannahCassie

    Your bookshelves look really beautiful! I am also really jealous of black billy, when I got mine they only had this weird dark brows so I ended up going with white. But books against black look much much better!

    HannahCassie @

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