The Bookshelf Tour 2.0

What’s up you guys?! It’s been a while since I did a bookshelf tour and my gosh, are things different now. For starters, I moved in with my boyfriend and he loves reading as well, so we’ve combined all of our books and created a tiny library. I’m constantly in hearteyes mode. Anyway, I’ve decided to not show you only pictures this time, because, if you didn’t know it yet, I’m also on Youtube now! So here’s a video of me showing you my bookshelves. Enjoy!


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2 Replies to “The Bookshelf Tour 2.0

  1. Okay I am totally jealous of your little library, haha. So much space still. And so much manga too. <3 I still have to read Under the Never Sky. I will at some point, I do own the whole trilogy already.

    And I feel you. I want to buy all the books!

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