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Category: Moody Book Monday

Moody Book Monday #4 All Good Things Come In Threes

Happy Monday Readers!

Amy and I are going strong with our Moody Book Mondays and it’s really making me excited. Collaboration with your best friend and talking about books at the same time is just the best. This week the theme is All Good Things Come in Threes. The idea is that we pick three characters who we would like to take to a deserted island, think of three things we think they’d bring and three people they’d want to have with them.

Moody Book Monday #3 Time Capsule Book Edition

Hi again Amy’s readers!

Another Monday is here and we have another Moody Book Monday to shine a little light on your Monday. This week the theme for our blog feature is Time Capsule Book Edition and I really could not be more excited about it. When Amy and I discussed ideas and she suggested this I was thrilled. The idea is that we choose five books that we would love to put in a time capsule that’ll first be opened in 25 years. It can be books we simply love or books that we think will still have something to offer in 25 years. To choose just five books was hard, there are so many books I would love to remember and see in 25 years again. However, I chose the following five and tell you a bit about why,

Moody Book Monday with Amy and Olivia #2 Sidekick Edition

Hi there readers of Amy’s blog!

Did you really think you had seen the last of me? Ha I’m here once again, how marvelous I know. Another Monday and this one is actually a great one for me (not so moody) because first official day of summer break and it’s the National Day of Sweden which means everyone is free from work. The best part about this is that I can spend the whole day with a book, gosh this Monday is fantastic. This week Amy and I decided to talk about sidekicks. We all know the main characters are amazing, but those side characters so often get forgotten and this is something we want to change. Here are some of my favorite sidekicks of all times: