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Review: The Otto Digmore Difference by Brent Hartinger

I was going to say that this isn’t exactly the kind of book that I would normally read, and in one way it definitely is not, but in another – when I really think about – this is exactly the kind of book I would normally read. The Otto Digmore Difference by Brent Hartinger follows the story of Otto Digmore, an actor, who has recently had what he believes is his big break in Hollywood, starring in a supporting role on a popular sitcom. However when Otto’s show is cancelled, he finds that the only roles that have opened up to him are those trying to take advantage of his severely scarred face and cast him as a villain or a freak. That is until a role comes up that seems perfect. The novel follows the journey that Otto and his best friend Russel take across the country in the hopes of landing Otto’s dream role. All the typical road trip cliches happen — much to Russel’s delight — and a number of old feelings reappear — not that Russel can ever know about that. Read more →

Review: Cherry by Lindsey Rosin

When I read the blurb of Cherry, I knew I wanted to read it. Four best friends, about to graduate, creating a sex pact? I am in! I’m so glad I finally picked up this book, because I absolutely adored it. Layla, Emma, Alex and Zoe have a couple months left until graduation.. and before they have to part to each go to college. Layla, being the planner she is, has created a to do list with things she wants to do before graduation. Get highlights, make an A in English Lit.. and have sex with her boyfriend of two years. Before you know, The Crew (as the girls are called) have created the sex pact: they will all lose their virginity before graduation together. Not together together, but seperately together. Layla has the perfect plan to loose it on Valentine’s Day, Alex says she’s already lost her v-card, Emma is the first one of the bunch to loose hers after the sex pact has been created and Zoe starts giggling as soon as something says the word orgasm, so they so conveniently start using the word fireworks instead. And they invent the sexie, the after sex selfie, to send to The Chat as proof after they’ve done the dirty. Layla even creates a whole Sex Doc, with all the tips and tricks for the big deed. Read more →

7 Reasons Why You Should Read The Ruby Red Trilogy

It’s another ‘reasons why to read’ post! I’m on a reread of this trilogy and it’s reminding me of all the reasons why I absolutely adore these books. And they’re hella underrated, so I thought I’d put a few reasons together as to why you should pick up this series. Run to the library! Browse bookdepo, find yourself an epub! It’s time to start Ruby Red. Read more →

Review: All About The D by Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam

When I read the blurb of this book, I knew I had to read this and that I was going to love it. And I was right, this book is the perfect mix of sexy, funny and angsty and I enjoyed every second of it.
Josh Cartwright runs a blog. And it’s not a blog about movies or something so innocent. Nah, Josh posts dick pics, because he lost a bet to his best friend and his blog All About The D was the result of that bet. Josh’s family doesn’t know and he wants to keep it that way, because they’re a rich and influencial family in Portland. So he decides to get an attorney, to make sure no one will ever know there’s a Cartwright running a porn blog. He expects a deal with attorney and that’s it. But his attorney is a gorgeous young woman named Evie and the two immediately connect. Read more →

Review: Happily Ever After by Kelly Oram

I was so excited when I found out there was going to be a sequel to one of the cutest books on earth. However, it took a while for the book to come out. But it’s finally here! And so much cuter than I had hoped it would be.
We all know how Cinder & Ella end; with them becoming a couple. But Brian’s fame is pretty overwhelming and that is something Ella has to get used to in this book. Being a famous actor’s girlfriend is not all sunshines and rainbows and them being the new It Couple comes with a lot of pressure. Will Ella be able to handle it or will she collapse again Read more →

Review: Operation Prom Date by Cindi Madsen

The moment I found this book on Goodreads I was insanely excited to read it hoping it would be as good as the blurb promised.. and it was even better. This book is SO FREAKING ADORABLE.
This is Kate’s story, who’s in her last semester of senior year and has finally decided to take action when it comes to her four year long crush: Mick Pecker. He’s the most popular guy in school and Kate has been crushing on him for ages, but has never really spoken to him. So she decides she needs help, and Cooper Callihan is the best guy for the job. Read more →

Review: Chronicles of Ixia 1-3 by Maria V. Snyder

I have started the Chronicles of Ixia series, or the Study series as they were previously known. My best friend loves them and she finally convinced me to read them. Seeing as there are 9 books in this series and I’m currently on book 4, I thought I’d split up the reviews in three parts, each part talking about three books. This is part 1, where I will discuss the first three books of the series.
When I started the first book, Poison Study, I was kind of getting a The Sin Eater’s Daughter vibe, but that changed pretty quickly. I have to say, I really enjoyed the first book. In the beginning I was a bit hesitant about Yelena, because she was a mouse and saying yes sir to everything, but at one point that changed like someone had flipped a switch and she became stubborn and bad ass. There is a romance in this series, but it’s not the main focus of the books which is actually pretty refreshing. I have to say that even though I like Yelena and her ‘heartmate’, I don’t particularly ship them. However, I do like her love interest as his own person. In the first book you also meet Ari and Janco, and the two of them are called the power twins and they’re a great duo. Their friendship with Yelena is one of my favorites. Read more →