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Moody Book Monday #3 Time Capsule Book Edition

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It’s universally agreed that Monday is the worst day of the week. We’d all rather just skip Monday and start the week on Tuesday. That’s why Book Babbles and Blues and Olivia Chanel clasped their hands together and created Moody Book Monday. Because even though Monday’s suck, books don’t and we can still make Monday a little better by blogging about our favorite bookish stuff. We will talk about our favorite recommendations, make lists and ramble away about things going on in book world. However, there’s more: Moody Book Monday is all about guest posts! So I, Olivia, will be uploading my post on Amy’s blog and vice versa and you can participate too. Hit up a collab-exchange with your favorite blog, or if you want to join our little exchange, leave a comment or hit us up with an email. Let’s all try and make Monday a little better, yeah?

Hi again Amy’s readers!


Another Monday is here and we have another Moody Book Monday to shine a little light on your Monday. This week the theme for our blog feature is Time Capsule Book Edition and I really could not be more excited about it. When Amy and I discussed ideas and she suggested this I was thrilled. The idea is that we choose five books that we would love to put in a time capsule that’ll first be opened in 25 years. It can be books we simply love or books that we think will still have something to offer in 25 years. To choose just five books was hard, there are so many books I would love to remember and see in 25 years again. However, I chose the following five and tell you a bit about why,


  1. Hothouse Flower by Krista and Becca Ritchie. Hothouse Flower is the second book in the Calloway Sisters series and the fifth book in the Addicted series (see the recommended reading order here) and is my favorite book ever. I would want to put Hothouse Flower in our time capsule, because in 25 years I want to be reminded of my favorite fictional ship, to be as bold and brave as they are but also to remember what this book has done for me. In 25 years I want to see this book, see how much it helped and where I am in that moment. That would be magical.
  2. The Host by Stephenie Meyer. The reason why I want to put The Host in the time capsule is because I’m so in love with it, and when I see it again in 25 years I wonder if I will still be bitter because Stephenie Meyer never continued the series as she promised or if a whole trilogy is out by then. We honestly deserve more of this world and these characters. I hope in 25 years I can happily say I have read this entire trilogy.
  3. by Nayyirah Waheed. The reason I chose salt. is because it contains some of my favorite poems of all time. This book is a collection of poetry all about women of color, feminism, writing and love. It’s inspiring and it’s brings us such important topics that media and people in general tend to shy away from. I hope in 25 years we live in a world better than the one we live in today, and that this book reminds me of the fact that human beings are beautiful and amazing, and deserve to love and be loved.
  4. Far from You by Tess Sharpe. This masterpiece must be my favorite YA of all time, it deals with addiction, homophobia and murder. This book is incredibly intense, and powerful and so important. It’s about two best friends, their love for each other, the lengths they’d go for each other and how sometimes our endings are just not that happy. We have an unapologetic bisexual, which is sort of rare to see in books. I want to put Far from You in the time capsule because I believe it’ll intrigue and inspire readers then as much as it does now.
  5. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. I want to put this book in the time capsule because it’s about WWII and the greatest tragedy in maritime history that is very often forgotten about in our time and age. Salt to the Sea deals with hard topics, topics that are close connected to war and death, but even as this story is tragic it also gives us hope that there are happy endings. A book that reflects our history is always relevant in the future.


These are the five books I would put in a time capsule to be opened in 25 years. To see which five books Amy chose, go here.


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Olivia Chanel is 20-year-old that loves reading and a sunny summer day. She dreams of spending her days as a writer on a tropical beach, and is sure that there is no greater life than one where you do what you love. Olivia loves books about imperfect girls, an epic love story and suspense. Check out her blog here.

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  1. ohh your Monday book Monday articles are so awesome!! Really like this edition of the time capsule! Would you mind if I’d do a related article on this time capsule thing as well? Of course I’d link back to you <3

    • Amy Amy

      Thank you so much! No, as long as you link back, I don’t mind at all 🙂

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