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Update: changing the layout and what am I posting?

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, but I recently got a fulltime job which has been occupying my time and I’ve been in a major reading slump. I’ve read exactly 8 books since May. 8 BOOKS!!!!!!!!! That’s nothing. So needless to say, big slump.

But, I’ve decided to change things up. The first change is very noticeable: a new layout! I’ve gotten tired and bored of my old layout and I wanted something new. I can’t say yet if this layout is going to stay, there will be changes throughout the next few weeks, but when my layout is done to my liking, I’ll let you guys now.

The next thing is that I’ve decided to start posting more things and not just about books. I’ve been pretty crazy about tv shows lately and also movies and all the new movies that are coming out, but also lifestyle things like makeup. So new things will come to the blog! Pretty excited about that, because hopefully that will mean I’ll start posting again more regularly.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Busy life, but I’ll try to get back to my beloved blog because I do miss blogging. Keep an eye out on my new blogposts and the new layout! 🙂

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