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Why I Still Love Twilight After All These Years

I recently bought the all the Twilight books in English plus The Short Second life of Bree Tanner. Up until that point I did not own them in English and had the Dutch books split between me and my sister, so basically, I only owned Twilight and Breaking Dawn, while she owned New Moon and Eclipse. Why did I decide to buy the Twilight box in English? I realized, I still really like this book series, and I needed them complete and in English on my shelves. A lot of people have been saying over the years that they dislike Twilight, and I get it’s probably because of the movies. I agree, the movies are pretty bad. But the books are not, not in my opinion anyway. So here are 6¬†reasons why I loved Twilight, still love Twilight and will always love reading Twilight.

  1. Jacob Black. I have LOVED Jacob since the moment he stepped foot on the page and I’ve always been team Jacob for sure. There was this small part of me that was very hopeful that Bella and Jacob would end up together, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be apparently. But as you can imagine, I was very happy when in Breaking Dawn, Jacob had a whole part of the book from his point of view. I loved (and still love) that part so much, that I would often crack open the book at the start of his pov, just to be able to read his thoughts. I could pretty much dream his chapters in Breaking Dawn.
  2. The writing. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that Twilight is really well written. It’s even really well translated (to Dutch at least, I can’t speak for other languages). I just love the way the books are written, it feels quite old fashion, but also very refreshing and it all flows really well. There are some really lovely quotes in the books and you read through the story like a train.
  3. The bookcovers. Oh come on, the Twilight book covers are gorgeous! They’re classic and simple, but super pretty and probably one of the only bookcovers who’ve stayed the same through the years (apart from the white edition and the movie covers).
  4. The setting. For some reason, the fact that it was set in a small pretty town way up north in America, and not L.A. or Los Angeles or even Seattle, made the story feel quite magical in a way. I know there are like tours through Forks and La Push nowadays, and if I ever go to America and head that direction, I definitely want to take a tour and see all the sights. Would want to go to La Push Beach and walk into a Jacob.
  5. This is a personal one for me, but I remember the time where I was reading and loving Twilight really well. I used to reread the books, or part of the books, constantly. Even created a game with my sister where we would thumb through the books, stop at a random page and start reading out loud and the other person had to guess what scene it was from or what was going to happen. And we got it right most of the time, so you can say that we were pretty obsessed wit the books.
  6. The characters are all really well done and I want to use this last one to give an honorary mention to a couple of my favorites: Emmett (obviously, who didn’t love him), Charlie (he was a pretty cool dad), Seth (cute lil’ wolfie), Leah (when it was obvious Bella and Jake weren’t gonna happen, I have to admit I was kind of rooting ¬†for Jacob and Leah), Carlisle (didn’t we all love the hot and kind doctor?) and Alice (she’s such a good best friend to have).


Thanks for checking out my post about my love for Twilight. How much did you love the books, do you still reread them once in a while? And who was your favorite character? Let me know down in the comments and have a great day!

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