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7 Reasons Why You Should Read The Ruby Red Trilogy

It’s another ‘reasons why to read’ post! I’m on a reread of this trilogy and it’s reminding me of all the reasons why I absolutely adore these books. And they’re hella underrated, so I thought I’d put a few reasons together as to why you should pick up this series. Run to the library! Browse bookdepo, find yourself an epub! It’s time to start Ruby Red.


1. The best bff’s in YA: Gwendolyn and Leslie have the most amazing and genuine friendship I’ve ever read in any YA book. They support each other a 1000%, love the same movies and skip class to gossip in the ladies restroom. I. Love. Them.
2. There’s a handsome boy with green eyes.
3. Timetravelling with fancy hoola hoop dresses and wigs and glamarous balls but also swordfights and murder attempts.
4. It’s a hilariously funny book, I crack up every few pages when reading it. Gwendolyn has the most funny thoughts and original and hilarious take on things.
5. Gwenny can see ghosts, and not in a creepy way, this again is also mostly hilarious. There’s a schoolghost called James who doesn’t believe he died 200 years ago and teaches Gwendolyn manners from the 1800’s. And there’s a cute little demon who follows her around and spies on people for her and narrates boring meetings.
6. Cute green eyed guy also has a little brother *wink wink*
7. A French lady that sows all Gwendolyn’s outfits for her trips back in time and is literally one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

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