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7 Reasons To Read Lord of Shadows

I have just finished Lord of Shadows and I AM A MESS. A real goddamn mess. That book caused me so much joy and pain. Mostly pain. It was one hell of a ride and I loved every second of it. But I have trouble wording my feelings into a review, so I thought I’d do it a little different: 7 reasons why to read LoS are coming your way!

1. I mean, you’ve read the ending of Lady Midnight right? READ LOS SO YOU KNOW HOW THAT”S GONNA GO.
2. Julian and Emma. So many Blackstairs moment. So much pain. So much LOVE. And moments that will make your heart race.
3. There is going to be a very unlikely but very shippable new couple in this book. If you’ve read LoS, you know who I’m talking about. If you haven’t; you’ll want to know who I’m talking about.
4. The whole Blackthorn gang goes to the London Institute which means a lot of TID references and Will and Jem namedrops. Be still, my heart.
5. The friendship triangle that is Kit, Ty and Livvy. They have a sort of Herongraystairs vibe going on (not that anyone could ever replace or come close to the amazingness that is Herongraystairs). Nonetheless, their friendship is lovely and definitely worth reading LoS for.
6. Two characters from TID will make a surprising appearance (no I’m not talking about Tessa and Jem).
7. More female power friendship in Emma and Cristina’s growing friendship. These two have a spot in my heart as one of my all time favorite bff friendships.

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  1. I’ve received the book 11 days before the release date, don’t know HOW it happened but it did, lol. So I was done reading way before any of my friends started reading… And this book.. omfg.. so so soooo perfect!! and I don’t have anyone to talk about it, it’s killing me, lol. This book was Clare at her best, I loved it so much but some things at the end really broke my *ugly cries* and I’m terrified for the next one, yikes!

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